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Hi from Bright Futures International🌴.

It’s getting colder outside☃️, but the power of cheerful young students will never lose to such a chilly weather!

In kinder class, students happily enter the English world through fun activities, like singing a song, playing a game, doing arts and crafts, etc✨.

On Friday we have a “Long class” for elementary students.

The lesson takes 90 minutes which is the same length as that of one class at university!

The longer they expose themselves to English, the earlier they can improve English skills🙆‍♀️.

Some parents might be worried that their own children can’t concentrate for such a long time, but don’t worry!

Our native teacher prepares a variety of assignments and activities each time so that they are not bored in class😁.

Students in Junior high class show wonderful concentration in every lesson and we are so proud of that😆💮.

Generally junior high children are quite busy with school homework, club activities, cram school, etc.💦

However, we believe that it is the best time to make a “live,” “practical” conversation with our native teacher while using their own English knowledge and life experience.

Our school wants every student to play on a global stage in the future.✨


Please feel free to take a trial lesson and know how fun our lesson is❗️


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