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Hi from Bright Futures International🌴.

You can see Halloween displays everywhere in this season. Students here also seem to like Halloween decorations in the classroom🎃.

Vivid autumn colors make us feel warm and even cheer us up, right?

Today kider students enjoyed fun halloween games so much🎶. Elementary students were excited to make original monster stories👻.

Each student has their own reason to study English. How about you? If you are interested in learning English, what for?

You might want to:

⭐️watch English movies without Japanese subtitles,

⭐️want your child to master basic English skills,

⭐️pass the Eiken test,

⭐️improve the TOEIC score,

⭐️communicate with foreign people,

⭐️prepare for studying abroad, etc.

Bright Futures can offer fine-tuned programs according to students’ learning objective, needs, or levels.

Private lessons for adults (*online possible*) are also getting popular⬆️.

Please feel free to contact us for a trial lesson❗️


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