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Hi from Bright Futures International🌴.

Friday is a busy day of the week at our school🏃‍♂️.

We have a Kinder class, Elementary class, Semi-Private class, Private class, and Junior High class.... literally every kind of class❗️

When do you think is the best timing to start to learn English conversation?

The answer is one………whenever you want😆❤️.

Each age group has its own advantages to learn.

💮Kindergarteners can happily enter the English world through fun activities, like singing a song, playing a game, doing arts and crafts, etc.

They easily copy what a native teacher says, so their pronunciation improves dramatically in a short period⬆️.

💮Elementary children are curious about everything. With their curiosity and better concentration, they work on writing and reading assignments, which helps to build basic English skills in the future. Of course, they don’t miss fun game time✨!

💮Junior high & high school students are active English learners. Imagine their full potential!

They can make the best use of English knowledge that continues to increase every day. What they learn directly leads to success of entrance examination, right👏?

💮Adults including university students have already had general English knowledge. What they lack is conversation experience with native speakers, for one thing.

Adult class provides a private lesson only, so they can learn whatever they want in a customized way. Online lessons are also possible💻.

Our school accepts all who are interested in English, from kindergarteners to adults.

Also, all levels of students from beginners to the advanced are welcomed🥰👏.

Come join us and have an enjoyable, fulfilling time together!


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