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After each lesson, students bring a reading book home as homework📕.

They practice to read at home and have the teacher check at the next lesson.

They can change books in their suitable levels when getting a passing mark. After passing the specified number of times, they can upgrade the level💮!

Students feel very proud to move to the next level, so do our teacher and staff🙆‍♀️.

The reading books in our school are finely divided into levels, so every student can improve their reading skills at their own pace without fail👍.

I must say, choosing appropriate English books according to each child’s level is difficult💦. Besides, English picture books are rather expensive💰.

It is a great privilege for students to use our school as a library🉐.

The higher the level goes up, the more difficult the words used in a book become. Support from their parents at home counts for a lot!

Interested in our school? Not only children but also parents who want to support their children are welcomed😊❗️


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